This comic was completed in literally one day… lol- Mana didn’t want to do it before the vacation, so it was all rush to get this one done on Sunday, took from about 6PM-10:30PM at night… Not too shabby. Not our more epic work, but it is on time!

And better yet, we weren’t eaten by werewolves or wendingos while we were gone, so the comic gets to keep going!

We had a much needed vacation, and are rested up. A few more days before we all go back to work, so I’m gonna try and get as much done on the comic and such as possible.

Also planning on taking our son and nephew to the Royal Tyrrell Museum on Tuesday to see all the dinosaurs! haven’t been there since my son was pretty small, so I think it’ll be a lot more enjoyable this time since he’s a bit older to understand, and is even more into dinosaurs these days (I mean, c’mon, Dinosaurs are awesome!).

Gonna try and not leave the comic for so last minute this time though. haha.

Have a great week everyone.