If you weren’t sure about playing Smash Bros. for the Wii U…

So… yeah. Let’s talk about Smash Bros. for a minute. I played it a bit when it came out on the 3DS- as my brother bought it when it came out. I enjoyed it, but I wasn’t sold on it- mostly because it felt … clunky. So I held out until it was released on the Wii U. And in all honesty… if you haven’t yet bought a Wii U… this game alone is worth it. LIKE WOW. It’s beautiful, and they’ve made it so much more fast paced. It brings me back to what it was like to play Melee, just on HD haha. There are things here and there that may bug me a bit. But the fact that they’ve allowed for a Gamecube Controller adapter (which… I still haven’t got my hands on yet.)- the revisits on the retro levels, like the Hyrule Temple is amazing. But let me explain;

Brawl had the Hyrule Temple, but it felt very much like a direct port from Melee. The map was much too small because when they enhanced the character polygon count, it increased their overall size… and the map stayed at the Melee size. So it wasn’t the same, far too small. But now they’ve redone the level to fit the characters properly. They’ve done this with all of their classic levels, and it makes them SO much more fun to play again. And almost all of the levels are designed with a decent size playing field, and most of them aren’t too gimicky.

Some of the new characters are cool… But in my honest opinion, their not really… errrr- memorable? Megaman made sense to add… But I dunno- Pacman? I get it, retro-gaming and so on, so I won’t bash it- but eh. None of the new characters excite me thaat much. Overall though, the old characters feel like they have improved. Ike for example feels less clunky in many ways, and removing the stupid tripping schematic thing makes a HUGE difference… like ah. They did take out Lucas though, who was my other character. He was just a clone of Ness, but I preferred his move-set over Ness. The neat thing is that you can customize the characters and alter their moves, so Ness can use PK Freeze instead- however they have severely nerfed it, and makes it practically useless anyway. Oh well.

Still overall, I love the game, I’ve already stuffed a ton of hours into it with Mana, and I have a long ways to go to unlock everything. Rewards feel accomplishing, and I am driven enough to keep unlocking more. They’ve improved it overall, and I didn’t know how they would make it better than Brawl, but they have managed to set the bar even higher. It’s exciting to see, and I can’t wait to see what they do with the DLC, they’ve already announced Mewtwo- which I’m personally super stoked to see a veteran character make a return- even though Lucario is totally badass and I’m glad he’s stuck around more than one generation.

Anyway, I don’t normally talk this much, so have a great week guys!