Yet another week has passed! And by the looks of it, the site was a successful transition, thanks for being patient :). It’s kind of nice having this setup the way it is now, it’s nice and clean, and easy to use- making my life that much easier for the time being.

I still have things like the Character and About Page to fix, but I’m not too concerned about those at the moment, they weren’t setup very well anyways, not very much fun to read through, so I may revamp it just so there’s something actually there.

On an interesting note, Mana and I just played our first bout of DnD… Ever… Now those who play are probably like ‘what, seriously! You’ve never played before?’ but… I digress, I’ve never really had the time to take and learn to play, and until I started talking to a friend of ours that he had some DM experience and wanted to run a campaign with us, and actually take the time to teach us, that the stars aligned and we had the opportunity to play. I will be playing as my online persona Elginive, Human Paladin (ie. First Panel of comic)- and Mana is Odette, Revenant Assassin (Past life of an Eladrin)- Anthony, whom you may know if you go to Choked is playing Talex the Dwarf Barbarian. It’s an interesting development, and I hope to continue playing maybe even podcast the crazy adventures for your laughter and entertainment as we plod on in an obtrusively destructive adventure. But for now, I leave you with that!