Another week closer to the next chapter, getting sooo close. Looking over this past year, I’ve been very happy with how much Flycoren has changed, We are still a long ways off from where I want to be, and not quite as far as I had hoped to be, but there is still progress abound. I had initially forecast the comic to be printing by now, but when we decided to redo the first chapter that completely changed that. But I’m so much happier that we redid it. It’s given new life to the comic, and I feel that the overall atmosphere of the comic is a lot more in tune with what we’ve always envisioned.

That being said, the new website has kinda been off in the distance a little bit, some updates need to be made to it, we’ve made some new decisions, so I’ve had to go back and rework it. So for now that remains in the void of my to-do list. But I’m willing to be patient for that, because I want it to be done right before I just jump into it. I’m so used to jumping into things, and then having it blow up on me. But I want this to be done right, so patient I must be. No matter how excited I am to show it off to everyone. 😛

We’ve also been working on some bonus content for the first printing of the comics, but I don’t want to spoil that, so I’ll leave it at that. :)

There is a lot on the go, I won’t deny it! I just can’t wait to share it all.

Don’t forget we updated Traced Impressions today also!