[EDIT Wednesday June 22nd 2011] Hello everyone! Sorry for not updating on Monday, I’ve been down and out with some kind of nasty flu or something as Mana has said, I just wanted to let you know that I am back up and running now, and we are working on the comic again- So I appreciate your patience a huge ton amount and sorry I was unable to get an update this past monday, it’s not a huge quota to meet with a once a week update, but I was spending what little time I was capable of on not falling behind on my homework also. So thank you :) [/EDIT]

Mana here all my lovely peoples.

So i hate to state this after our year track record of not missing a weekly update, but so far it looks like Andrew and I will be missing the update for this upcoming monday. Why? I dont know what is going around, but a ton of people in town are coming down with this odd one day fever sickness that turns into a cold after that. Andrew came down with it on weds and well that has thrown our schedule into the giant pooper.

He is at work today and he is guna try to sketch out the comic, so if he can get it finished, then perhaps monday will have a great surprise of a comic but i wouldnt hold my breath. I am still going to shoot for a update either on tuesday or wednesday. But that is if i can get the comic onto my computer, reline and colour it without too much detail. Lets hope.

But if we cannot get it up this week, the week next there will be two updates. That much we owe.

Now with that all out, Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo this weekend, yeah we are going. Just as visitors to browse around. I am so totally stopping by the Blind Ferret booth so i can be extra creepy and bow down to the gods Lar and Sohmer.
For the people who do not know, Andrew, Myself, Anthony and Scott are the company called Retro Dragon. But it appears that Scott wont be attending the expo due to him coming down with the sickness as well. So after some browsing and such, Andrew and I should be in the artist alley (again we dont have a booth but if they have open tables, i promise you Andrew will be doodling away. I cant draw on paper, so ill be the pretty face reading or chatting.) Anthony will be doing something that i am unsure of but it should be good. So if you see us, come and chat. We are friendly and welcome to anyone having a chat.

That is everything in a nut shell, hope to see you all there.


Calgary Comic Expo. Weekend. Be There.