[NOTE June 6th] Comic still isn’t quite up yet, again more background work, it’s really close to being done though, just minor detail stuff! Promise it’ll be up later today, so please check back! Thanks! [/NOTE]

Hey everyone, sorry the comic is so late today! If you take care to look at the backgrounds, I hope you understand why… haha. Well I’m very very happy with how this one turned out, so I hope the wait was worth it for you also :).

I don’t have a huge amount of things to say today, quite honestly, I’ve been so busy with Work and School work that I haven’t been doing anything overly exciting, though I have to admit, if you haven’t already played Terraria I suggest you should, it’s only $10.00 one time payment, awesome multiplayer abilities, and it’s a Minecraft / Old School Zelda (Link to the Past) style game. so addicting… not that I have time to play these games X_x’ *sigh*