Edit We are terribly sorry everyone but there is still guna be an update tonight. Andrew has spent a LOT of time doing backgrounds as well; chalk in Halloween for our son… time has just been lost. So stay tuned, it will be here!! Soooooo sorry for the wait ^^’

It’s hard to believe that this chapter is coming to a close pretty quick here… hmmm, it feels like we just started this chapter. :) I’m very excited for the next chapter though! planning has been going well, and it’s going to be nice to move onto new story again. I thank those who were patient enough while we redid the first chapter, I hope it’s been just as rewarding for you as it has for us. I feel that the story has been told sooo much better this time around. Even though it’s normally advised not to look back, I’m very glad we did.

Here’s another week of Traced Impressions Also :)