[EDIT] Okay, again, I’m very very sorry- the site is working now, and in its basic functions. It’s not the prettiest, but I’m going to be fixing that over the span of the week. So if you have any concerns, or something is completely broken, let me know (Right now the Archives is not working at all, I am aware of that one). Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks [/EDIT]

I have to Apologise! Please bare with me, ComicPress went discontinued and now has become ComicEasel! Which is actually an extremely good thing, but I wasn’t prepared for what it was going to do to me when I updated. SOOOO- this site is $%$^@ at the moment. I was planning on doing a site update anyways, so this is a great time for it, but in the process, please excuse what happened to the site, I promise it is my top priority to get this working.

Thank you for the patience everyone.