Ahh, I love drawing Cyprain so much. He’s just one of those characters that excretes cool… well, at least I think so.

I’ve been really busy with things not related to Flycoren lately, and it’s been sapping the time I normally spend on it, but I guess every once and awhile a step back is a good thing. It lets me come back with new inspiration and a new inner strength. Largely sapping my time is Minecraft, but Mana has gotten me into watching Attack on Titan. Jiminy Christmas, I am hooked. What’s really cool, well, I think so anyways; is that they have their own website which you can watch it at. For Free, all you have to do is like their Facebook page when you click to watch. So no need for Torrenting it, or anything.

Attack on Titan

I mean, I have to warn you, it’s a little bit on the … well, it’s got some gore in it, and it’s definitely a lot more brutal than some. So not for a younger audience, is what I’m getting at. But it sure knows how to make you want to watch another episode. It’s worth looking into.

Maybe this makes me sound old. But I spent quite a few years not interested in any new anime, and it seemed like only the old stuff was good stuff. But my hope in anime has been renewed with anime’s like this, and Sword Art Online- And finally announcing the next Season of Legend of Korra (though… kinda sorta not an anime persay). It’s just an overall exciting time to be watching!